Amazon Favs


Sharing some of my favorite Amazon links here! These are products I use daily or often and some that I purchase time and time again! For access to all the links (constantly updating) you can check out my Instagram highlight!

Here are the links to the ones pictured above! 

Unmera Wellness Acupressure Mat- I love using this to relax sore muscles, alleviate tension or headaches, aid in digestion and more!

Activated Charcoal Powder- something everyone should have on hand! I use just a teeny bit of this with pure concord grape juice when the stomach virus is going around to help kill unwanted tummy bugs.

Ultimate Omega- rich in omega-3's! Did you know this can help reduce inflammation and period cramps?

Nightly Adrenal Support- If your adrenals need some love, this is a supplement I've been taking and loving!

Amber Glass Spray Bottles- my absolute favorite bottles for cleaning! I make my own non-toxic cleaners, and these are the only bottles I like to put them in.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils- I love using these and some Young Living eo's as well. Plant Therapy has such a wide selection of high-quality oils that are also affordable!