Hi, friend! I'm Aimee. I'm so glad you're here. My passion is to help women achieve healthier hormones through whole food nutrition + syncing workouts that align with their monthly cycle! If that is what you've been searching for, you've come to the right place šŸ’›

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Phase Based Fitness

What women are saying about Phase Based Fitness

The one of a kind fitness program that focuses on female physiology so you can work WITH your body's natural monthly flow...

  • Rebecca ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­

    Being consistent has been easier than I thought because of your [guide]! It doesn't feel impossible. It feels attainable and that has been so huge for me. I have never worked out like this in my life. I wish I had this years ago. Thank you so much. And I love seeing my kids watching me and joining in too.

  • Stephanie ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­

    I just finished week 1 for the first time and typically, Iā€™m extremely heavy and tend to not do any body movements (even canceling activities and laying more low, fearing the heaviness will cause problems). Day 2 is usually very hard for me and I still did my walk and felt like it lightened and shortened my flow! Where before, I would do nothing for at least a full week, this really got me bouncing back and feeling great much quicker. Thank you!

  • Natalie ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­

    Until recently, I wasnt even aware that cycle-sycning workouts were a thing! As a postpartum mother of two, I have now become so much more aware of the role my hormones play in my health and I've begun paying even more attention to my body in regard to how I workout. This program is the perfect blend of all the good things we need throughout our cycles; full body strength, cardio, flexibility and rest! The design offers a very nice variety of exercises that are friendly to both the novice and experienced fitness goer. I have thoroughly enjoed this program and am so excited to hear how it helps other women as well!

    -Natalie, CPT and Pre/Post Natal Specialist


  • Leah ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­

    The workouts in the Phase Based Fitness e-book are easy to follow (the links to YouTube tutorials are awesome!), and I love how they are tailored to sync with your cycle. When I followed this program my period started the day it was supposed to and I had no cramping or discomfort. It's amazing how certain movements during the different phases of your cycle really benefit your body and this ebook does a great job compiling that information for you!

    -Leah, @tapey1026

  • Christy ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­

    This ebook came at just the right time. I was struggling with feeling drained of energy to do my normal heavy lifting and cardio sessions weekly. Aimee and Em made a great guide that taught me what kind of exercises would be beneficial and support me in the different phases of my cycle. It definitely made me more in tune with my body and what it needs to function at its best!


  • Jennifer ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­

    Phase Based Fitness is a great resource. I love that it is customized to sync to your cycle, easy to follow and has videos to show you how the exercises should be executed. I love the extra section at the end where I can build my own workouts. I can just look at the list and easily come up with a routine for the day. I wish I had this years ago. Highly recommend!

    -Jennifer, SAHM and runner

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