About Me

Hi, friend! I'm Aimee. Wife and mom. NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Family Health Coach + Menstrual Cycle Health and Fitness Coach!

My passion for hormone health began soon after having my second baby. I realized I really had no clue how my monthly cycle worked. Aside from knowing I had a period every month, I didn't have a firm grasp on everything that happened in between! I first learned how to become more aware of my body by tracking my cycle through taking my temperature daily, diving into hormone health books such as "In the Flo" by Alissa Vitti and "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler as well as taking note of my daily cervical fluid.

Basically, I immersed myself in all thing's hormone health related. I felt empowered in knowing I finally had a better understanding of my hormones and for the first time ever, I felt more in tune with my body, even as it related to my workouts. But then I noticed an extreme disconnect...

Simply put, Women's fitness was not made for women. The fitness industry primarily focuses on the male biological clock (which runs on a 24-hr cycle), not recognizing that the female biological clock (which runs on both a 24-hr cycle AND average 28-day cycle) is drastically different. God designed it this way and it's a good thing! Ever notice that the couple weeks after your period you feel stronger and more energized but the week before and during your period you just want to take a nap on the couch?

That's normal. Our energy + hormone levels shift quite a bit through each phase of our cycle and so should our workouts! There are only a handful of fitness trainers who understand this and it's causing an incredible disservice to female clients around the world.

There are a few of us who are working on changing that and I am already seeing a movement, a shift in women wanting to live more aligned with their cycle instead of fighting it or seeing it as a curse.

If you're here because you feel the same way, welcome. And if you're not quite sure why you're here but are intrigued to learn more, welcome also! Your life is about to change and I'm so excited for you.